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May 5, 2017

2 Free Samples of Pedigree Pouches Dog Food!

Yes, you can get 2 Free Samples of Pedigree Pouches Dog Food!  lol – this sample is just a different, so bear. You’re going to need to keep an eye on the top and sides of the Walmart website (where the ads are) and watch for the ad offering a Free Sample of Pedigree dog food. Once you see the ad, click on it and complete the small form that will pop-up.  The ad doesn’t always pop up right away, but it’s there!   You might need to click around the Walmart site and/or refresh the page. (refreshing the page worked for me)   This  site is *NOT mobile friendly.


Get Yours Here



  1. Allen

    Not there. I looked and looked. Don’t waste your time

    • admin

      You have to look at the date an offer was posted! This offer was posted on May 5th, 2017! There is NO WAY it would still be available. Save your time and look at the most recent offers as they are the ones most likely to be active.

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