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January 14, 2015

Check Out The Wine Club!

Club W is the wine club reimagined. Club W takes the stuffiness and snobbery out of wine. All recommendations are personalized to your unique palate. Club W is considerate of your lifestyle and budget – with an iPhone app and bottles starting at $13, you can’t go wrong. This offer is for $13 off your first order (which is the equivalent of getting a “bottle on the house” of one of their Featured Wines, which are all offered at $13/bottle). If you order within the first 24 hours of visiting the website, you will receive an additional $7 off the order price (for a total of $20 off), which is the equivalent of 50% off your first order (avg order size is $39). The $13 coupon will be tied to your email address and you can take advantage of that offer at any time.  You can skip a shipment at any time, as many times as you would like. You can cancel at any time, hassle-free. It’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – don’t love your wine? They’ll even replace it at no cost to you. The wine is protected during the shipping process from spoiling using temperature controlled trucks.

Get Your Wine Here

club W


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