Free Samples FAQ

Why do companies give away free samples?

We have all undoubtedly heard the phrase, “nothing is really free.” In a way, this is true; the companies who offer free samples are not losing money or taking a loss of any sorts. In fact, giving out free product samples is a marketing method. Similar to any marketing method, such as billboards or advertisements, the company invests a portion of money into a program to attract new buyers.

So what exactly does the company get when they send you a free sample by mail? Initially, they get your contact info and email address. Don’t worry, not every company will seize your information and start spamming your mailbox and inbox! They may, however, send you some promotional emails or newsletters. I have found it is the best practice to have a completely different email to use for free sampling. This way you can reap all of the positive benefits of free product samples without overflowing your personal inbox with spam. Moving on….

The second, and possibly the main purpose of offering free samples by mail, is the “try-before-you-buy” phenomenon. A lot of people are interested in trying a new product, but not willing to take the leap into purchasing a full size version of it. A product sample allows the consumer to try the item and see how they like it. It is the company’s hopes that the consumer will enjoy the product and continue to purchase it in the future.

There is one thing the companies don’t usually account for; avid free samplers. Since everyone loves free stuff and companies are giving it out, Internet surfers now go out of their way to obtain free samples. I believe the proper medical term for this is a “free sample enthusiast.” Free sample enthusiasts surf the web trying to get as many free samples shipped to their door as they possibly can. From heartburn pills to magazine subscriptions to tea samples: it doesn’t matter. Free is free.

This is where my site and sites like this come in. I compile a ton of free samples so that free product sample enthusiasts can have a one stop shop for free samples by mail. It would be way too difficult to try to find every manufacturer website that was offering free samples. Lucky for you, I do the hard work so you don’t have to. I explore the web and scrutinize many websites to find absolutely free product samples. Realistically, I probably don’t NEED the newest caffeine-infused, ginseng enforced, vitamin-c rich energy supplement, BUT because it is free, I’ll try it. What can I say? I am a free sample enthusiast. Are you?

How does this site work/How do I order the product samples I want?

First things first, browse our samples and see which ones you like. When you come across a product sample that interest you, click on the link next to the words “Where to get it” or “Where to get this product sample.”

You will be taken to the site of the company offering the sample. From there, just enter your information and submit it.

Simple as that!

It’s been forever, why aren’t my free samples showing up!?

It takes companies time to process mass requests for free product samples. While you are waiting for your nourishing conditioner, so are thousands of other people. Generally speaking, I’d say the average wait time is about 6-8 weeks. I’ve received samples in less time and I’ve received them in more. Keep checking the mailbox!

I ordered a free sample and it never showed up. What the heck happened!?

Sometimes companies underestimate just how popular their free product sample program will be. They may receive 20,000 product sample requests, but only have 10,000 samples to give away. Unfortunately, some samples may not be shipped out. Some companies will offer coupons to compensate this.

Another reason you may not receive your sample, is if the offer is expired. Some companies accidentally leave expired sample offers on their site. You may have accidentally ran into an expired sample.

Does  ship free product samples to me?

No. The samples come from the manufacturers. We simply compile these great deals for you so you can order them to your mailbox.

I followed a link to get a free sample but it didn’t work. Did I do something wrong?

A lot of free sample offers are only available for a limited time. If you click on a link and are not taken to a page where you can order the free sample, then the offer is probably expired. You can feel free to contact us and we will remove the offer from our site.

Do you guys have a Twitter and Facebook?

Yes, we have both Twitter and Facebook accounts that are updated daily with the latest free samples.

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