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November 2, 2017

Free Lindy’s Bakery Gourmet Dog Treats!

Register and log in with Social Nature for the chance to try Lindy’s Bakery Gourmet Dog Treats for Free!  Just click the ‘Want It’ button and those selected will receive a Free 6oz bag of Lindy’s Bakery Gourmet Dog Treats - a $6.99 value! Now that’s nothing to bark at!  Available for a limted time only.

Click Here To Get Yours

dog biscuit


  1. Jen

    Not seeing the “WANT IT” button……..

    • admin

      Yup. That offer was available for about 3 weeks only. The thing with Free Samples is that the offers come and go very quickly. Your best bet on grabbing the free offers is to check daily and take action immediately! Wishing you better luck in the future!

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