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February 4, 2018

Free One Month of Rocksbox Fashion Jewelry Plus Free Shipping Too!

This is so cool!   First you create a quick profile and start adding pieces to your Wish List to help your personal stylist go from 0 to BFF in one delivery.  You’ll get three amazing pieces to keep for as long as you want. Ready to change it up? Return your box to receive a new set.  They carry the trendiest jewelry from 30+ designers, giving you access to a collection that is the ultimate in #accessory goals. Simply put; Rocksbox members rent fashion designer jewelry – three pieces at a time, custom selected by a stylist. Use code SHOPROCKSXOXO to receive first month FREE.

Click Here To Check It Out 



  1. Vitaley Rizhkovsky

    EDITED belarus, kopyl, timkovichskaya

    • admin

      Please NEVER put your address on this website. I DO NOT send out the Free Samples. I just find them and let you know they are available. You must click on the picture or the sentence that says “click Here” and you will be taken to the site that is giving away the free samples. For those not residing in North America, the only free samples available will be those that are downloadable and not mailed. Thank you.

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