Free Samples by Mail

March 8, 2014

Get Paid To Eat And Shop

Have you ever received one of those scammy emails promising you a gig as a Secret Shopper?  Well, guess what?  This one is actually legitimate!  Can you believe it?  You really can earn extra money by eating and shopping!  Check it out, sign up for Free and see if it can work for you, it’s always fun to make money doing the stuff you like to do!

I Could Be A Shadow Shopper



  1. Ioana Aukusitino

    I eat out a lot and am quite particular about the service provided, my surroundings and the product I consume.

    Although I dine out a lot, I like to try different new restaurants or eat outs at least once so I know where not to go and spend hard earned money !

  2. Holly

    Is this link broken? It just redirects to the ifreesamples homepage

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