If you’re like most people you like to get coupons for free stuff. It’s just really fun. I like to send away for free stuff or for the coupons to get the freebies…either way makes me happy because I still get really amazing free products, free giveaways and free stuff to try.

So far, what I’ve gotten in free products 2012 include make up, perfume, baby stuff and food. Sure I could buy all those things myself but it’s way more fun when it’s free. Plus it saves me so much money and I get to try all these things that I never tried before.

It doesn’t take too long and hey…if I’m going to be on the Internet anyway I might as well see if there are any free items I can get that day. Lots of times my search will lead me to free samples on Facebook. That one is so cool. I mean I’m on Facebook anyway so why not spend a minute on one of the sites and get free samples from Facebook too. That’s one of the best ways for manufacturers to get their product known. Millions of people are on it everyday but very few people know that you can get free samples on Facebook. And talk about easy! Hey…I’m right there anyway.

Manufacturers want you to try their products so they give out free goods to let you try them risk free. Whether you want free music products or free dog food or any of the thousands of other products in between, all you have to do is search through the categories and you will be getting so much free stuff in your mailbox.

It’s always funny when you forgot that you sent away for a certain free product and then one day you open your mailbox and find it waiting for you. That happened to me with a coffee sample. I’m a huge coffee fan and on afternoon I went to my mailbox and lo and behold, what was waiting for me but a coffee sample. Now clearly I could have used the coffee that I had in my house that afternoon but somehow it seemed way more fun to try the new sample.

And don’t think that these freebies are stuff that nobody wants. Not true at all. There are so many amazing free samples that companies give away so you can decide if you like their product enough to buy it at the store the next time you go. There will be lots of freebies that you like enough to buy and there will be others that you might not. No worries. The great thing is that you get to pick.

So why not jump right in and see what freebies you can get today. Pick a category of free stuff that you want and see how many freebies you can get from that category. Do the same thing again tomorrow and the next day.

I call it extreme freebies…where you get addicted to getting the freebies. And if you’re going to have an addiction, what a great addiction to have!