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May 18, 2014

Grab: The 7 Treasures of Awakening: The Benefits of Mindfulness

What a find!!!  Hurry, get this book for Free, because I can guarantee it will not be available for free for very long!  Among the Buddha’s many teachings, his instruction on the Seven Factors of Awakening stands alone for the cumulative benefits it makes available to us. When we are firmly established in mindfulness, the Buddha explained, these seven “treasures” serve to steer the mind away from delusion and the causes of suffering, guiding us to the realization of freedom. In Seven Treasures of Awakening, Insight Meditation Society cofounder Joseph Goldstein reveals how each one of these qualities of enlightenment sequentially develop and support each other as our practice of mindfulness matures. Interested?  Curious?  Grabbing this book may be the best choice you make all day!

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