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August 30, 2014

Receive 3 Bottles Of Wine For The Price Of 2

I have posted this before, but I am now here to tell you this is a fabulous deal with fantastic wine!  (I can finally personally vouch for this one!)  The  whole experience is top notch.  This really is for wine lovers everywhere, they take the hassle, the guesswork and the pretentiousness out of the equation so all you have to focus on is enjoying a great bottle of wine.   It  starts with a Palate Profile, 6 simple questions about the flavors you like. Based on your tastes, Club W will recommend wines for your Monthly Experience. Then, it’s up to you. Like the recommendations? Cool! Feeling like all reds this month? Switch it up and pick your own! Club W is the only wine club where you’re in control. And it’s all delivered directly to your door. Once you receive your wines, you can rate the wines so that your deliveries evolve as your taste evolves. This extra step is so cool and exclusive to the club. Let them do the work while you enjoy a glass of wine. And right now grab 2 bottles for the price of 3!

I Am Loving The Wine Company

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