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May 2, 2015

My Secret Fun Place For Creative Clothes!

I admit it, I do love Zulilly!  In the beginning I was a bit afraid to order anything – I hate it when there are no returns available on an online purchase, but once I took the chance, I was hooked.  You can find the perfect creative touches to add to your wardrobe. And OMG, the children’s clothes are so much fun!  Plus the prices are perfect.  Give it a look, sign up for their mailings and just see what they have to offer.  Everything is always changing at Zulilly, events open at 6am pdt and usually last 72 hours (some are one-day sales). After that, they scoot away to make room for new events.  There is no obligation to ever buy anything, when you sign up, but I bet you are gonna find some ‘must have’ items!

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