About a month ago I was sitting in my living room watching the rain pour down and was extremely bored. My car was in the shop and my best friend was away for the weekend, nothing was on TV and I was bored. So I decided to do what I always do when I have extra time and spend a while on the computer getting free samples mailed to me. The question was what freebies did I want to get?

So I went to my kitchen and took a free Keurig sample that came in the mail a week ago and made myself a cuppa Joe… always makes me feel better and called one of my kids. I said, “ If you could get some freebies by mail today, what would you pick?” All my kids know about my love of free samples so they put up with my crazy questions. After a long time of her telling me to get something for myself, she finally told me she wanted free perfume samples and free make up samples. So I looked in the free health and beauty category which I hadn’t looked in for a while and let me tell you… what I found there was great!

I actually had a lot to choose from including free Maybelline samples and free Lancome samples which surprised me. There were also many brands that I didn’t know of that were offering their free stuff by mail as well. Sometimes when I fond something that I really like and can get it for free I’m so surprised that the manufacturer of this great product would give it for free. I mean people pay good money in the store for these manufacturers freebies. But I was just happy that day because I found some great free stuff for my daughter.

As for the free perfume samples I ended finding a free sample of Escada perfume, a free sample of a Lacoste fragrance and a free sample of the Kim Kardashian perfume as well. Plus there were a few other ones that I found that I didn’t recognize their names but figure I would try them anyway.

So now, fast forward about a month and then last weekend, my daughter called me up and told me that two free samples by mail arrived at her home. Then the next day she said three more freebies arrived and yesterday two more, including a free laundry soap sample that I included in the mix just for fun…plus everyone does laundry and I knew she would use it. She absolutely loved it and it made her very hapy…and plus she ended up calling me three times this week which made me very happy. Everybody wins!

So, what started out as a lazy, rainy day about a month ago turned into a productive day, and made my daughter very happy last week. I think some more samples will be arriving for her shortly which means the happiness continues.

So… who can you make happy today with some freebies?