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November 24, 2014

This Sounds Like The Perfect Combination Of Shopping And Gambling!

This is weird, but it sure does change shopping into a game of chance!  Shop from thousands of popular products in categories like Electronics, Home, Jewelry, Fashion, and Lifestyle. The prices on popular products are always dropping in their Tumbling Now section. Check out the Tumbling Soon area to find products that are next in line to be sold for great prices.  When the products starts tumbling decide the price you want. The braver you are with allowing the price to drop, the better the price could be. Be careful because another shopper might buy the product before you, taking the deal off the table. The rate at which the price is dropping, the popularity of the product, the time of day, and other factors may impact how far you can let the price tumble.  The product moves to your cart when you freeze the price. You have 10 minutes to confirm your shipping information, billing information, and purchase the product. If you do not complete the checkout process within 10 minutes, the item will be removed from your cart. If you have issues with purchasing your product within the time limit, contact customer support.  See what I mean?  It’s the holidays, maybe this could be a great way to have some fun while you shop and save!

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