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December 9, 2015

Swapping Gets You Better Deals Than Shopping!

Swapping gets you better deals than shopping this holiday season!  Really! Join Yerdle and swap your stuff for new treasures you’ll love.
Sign up today to get $35 Yerdle Dollars + Free Shipping on your first purchase. Choose from over 70,000+ items — from dresses to shoes, purses to kid’s toys, home decor and more. Here’s how it works: Click the link and sign up to claim your $35 Yerdle Dollars then Download the Yerdle App to see all 70,000 items that are available, just pick out an item you want for $35 Yerdle Dollars or less, and pay no shipping fee or service fee!  (You must enter a valid credit card to check out.)  Continue the fun by posting your own items to earn more Yerdle Dollars and keep swapping.  Love it!

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