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December 31, 2014

Try Purely You Mineral Makeup

Are you tired of having to guess which shade of foundation to get? Not sure of your Undertone? Well, No problem! You can get free samples! Request up to 5 free Purely You mineral makeup samples. Check out the colors you’d like to try and complete the sign up form to order yours. Samples will be packaged in small ziplock bags to cut down on shipping and packaging cost.

Try Purely You Mineral Makeup

purely you


  1. anita lack

    no way to submit it

    • admin

      OMG. They removed the submit button!!!
      One way to communicate the offer is over. I wish companies would just say when their offer is over!

  2. brie

    I sent them an email with what i wanted and my address and email, i will post back here if they get back to me or not but for now theres still no submit button.

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